Saturday, May 9, 2015

I think of you often, Birthmom!

 Katerina has been home now for 6 months and I wish I could tell you it has been this beautiful fairy tale and we all lived happily ever after. The truth is adoption has been one of the most life-changing, schedule altering, decisions we have ever made.

This adoption has been one of the greatest things the Lord has called us to do. Truth be told, it has also been one of the hardest. No it wasn't an instant bond and yes there have been days I have questioned why God would lead us to adopt a child with such major medical needs. I wish I could tell you we swept into Eastern Europe with our super hero capes on and rescued this sick little girl from a life full of heartache and pain, but this isn't the case. We took her from all she had ever known and from the wonderful caregivers and doctors she was attached to. To be quite honest, she swept in with her cape on and completely changed us.

She has taught us so much about life, with her big smile and contagious laugh. She has shown us a new side of life, the side in which you don't care how bad life is physically, you can have joy anyway. She has opened up doors for us to help reach her people group with the Gospel of Christ.

Because of her we celebrate louder and we laugh harder.
Because of her we now understand (well some what) how the heart works and functions.
Because of her we have personally seen the miracles of God.
Because of her we pray more and harder.
Because of her we have learned to trust God more.
Because of her we have learned to look fear in the face and say "Our God is bigger."
Because of her we have learned, in a deeper way, the unconditional love of our Savior.

Many times I thank the Lord for her birth mom because without the love and sacrifice she made we we would not have our little Katerina. Without her our family would not be complete!!!

Happy Birthmom Day!!!!!

1st day we met her

Daddy working on adoption paperwork on Christmas Eve

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