Friday, February 7, 2014

Homeschool Highlights

Our school week in pictures...

Our week started off smoothly and we were able to get alot of school work done. However, by the end of the week we were visited by an unwanted guest...he is some sort of unnamed virus and I will be elated when he leaves our family alone. So we brought back the colloidal silver and elderberry syrup and hopefully he will run for dear life and leave us alone :)

We started off our week reading The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats

After we read the book we painted snowmen with snow paint
This was super easy to make and lots of fun to work with.
Snow Paint Recipe

1 Cup of Salt
1 Cup of Flour
1Cup of Water
Put ingredients in a bowl, stir, and now you are 
ready to paint :)

Then we made snowflakes...

We had a great time !!

In History we learned about St. Francis of Assisi and in Bible we
learned about the fall of Jerusalem.

The girls and I are reading The Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder
and they are working on a lapbook. 

Jeremiah is reading Robin Hood by Roger Green.
He is really enjoying the book as well as the lapbook I got for free here.

We are learning to celebrate the small victories both in our homeschool days (that don't always go as planned)
and in our adoption. :)

The Ladybug Letters

I have decided I would blog letter/updates to/about KatieJoy so I can keep up with her journey and then have a Blog2Print  book done for her that tells her story.So here goes the first letter:

Dear Katerina,

We got word on Tuesday that you had your second scheduled surgery..although a surprise for us we know it didn't take God by surprise. We were all very sad that we couldn't make our first trip to see you but we know that God has a plan and we trust in HIM. We are praying for you to recover quickly and heal. We hope that you are well enough to make our trip this time.

Dear Katerina,

This week has been a very busy week. We have been working on lots of paper work that will help bring you home sooner. We also ordered  a gift to send to you. Your brothers and sisters have been searching high and low to find you something very special and they finally agreed on a ladybug lovey and as I type this we are waiting on it to arrive. We are planning on mailing it to you soon. :)

 We got word this morning you are now out of the hospital (after a 4 week stay recovering from heart surgery) and you are now in the orphanage. Our lawyer told us your condition isn't perfect but you are doing ok for now. We are trusting in a very powerful God who is able to sustain you through this.We, as well as hundreds of friends and family, pray for you daily. Your big brother Micah prayed specifically for you this week, completely on his own. He asked that Jesus would heal your heart. This was a very special thing, one day we will share what God did in Micah's life!!

Waiting for you!
Your forever family

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