Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Adoption: Piece by Piece

****Please Help Us Finish Our Puzzle ****
UPDATE: We are trying to bring Katerina home from Bulgaria! She is a two year old little girl that is desperately in need of heart surgery. We are trying to get her home quickly in order to give her the best medical care possible! We are so excited  and we ask that you consider helping us by sponsoring a puzzle piece...   

We have reached a HUGE adoption milestone (well to us anyway) ...we have a completed Homestudy !!!!!!!! We are now working on our I-600A ( aka FBI fingerprints and paperwork that goes to our government).

Oh ya, did I mention we were approved for up to two children under the age of 8 and we agreed to a sibling group (if one is available)????

Can you tell we are excited?????????

So here is where we need your help. We are offering an opportunity for each of you to sponsor a puzzle piece where you would be able to have a message and your name written on it for ONLY $10.00 each.

The puzzle will be put together as people sponsor a piece and we will frame the puzzle (once complete) so our child/children can see all of the precious people who helped in bringing them home!!!



  1. I'm trying to purchase 3 pieces. I have the quantity selected and a message filled out. When I click on Buy Now, it takes me to log into PayPal, but nothing else happens.

  2. Do you have a youcaring page or any other donation page? Im so happy for "Zara"..I was praying so hard for her family and she is just a beautiful little girl. I can't wait to see more of her story!!

  3. We just recently created it. .
    We are so excited about her!!! Already in love this this sweet girl!

  4. I am so utterly THRILLED that you guys are adopting her..I just want to say congratulations and you will be in my prayers!!!!!!