Wednesday, April 29, 2015

KatieJoy's Surgery

Today LouAnn and I met with the doctor that will be doing KatieJoy's surgery. It wasn't the news we were wanting to hear but we are trusting in the Lord and His ability to heal and to make things new. Here's what we were hoping for:

1. A closed heart surgery ( repair the Glenn she had done)

2. One year later for her to have the Fontan surgery

Unfortunately, this is not the case. She will still be having the repair but he will be doing it as an open heart surgery in order to see if she has a viable second chamber. Also, she is not a candidate for the Fontan due to high lung pressures.

WE ARE ASKING GOD FOR A MIRACLE!!! And we would covet your prayers. If she does have a viable second chamber then the doctor will eventually be able to do another surgery that will really help her.

If she doesn't then we are looking at some other options that are simply just band-aids and are not good long term solutions.

Her surgery is scheduled for July 16th so please be in prayer for her and for the doctor. Please ask God to work a miracle in her life.

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  1. We are sorry it's not the news hoped for but praying this is the perfect setup for a miracle!

    Kris & Izak