Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Windows, Faith, and Adoption

As we drove down the highway with a five foot window strapped to the top of our van, I began to laugh (a nervous laugh of course) and remind myself that today was again one of those days that my life felt like a rerun of I Love Lucy. But, as the the window began to shift and slide and waiver back and forth  my laughter turned into fear. What if.... this falls? What if hits the car behind us? What all falls apart ?  What if... What if.... What if..?

 Then the worries over the window turned into worry over the adoption. What if fail your homestudy? What takes FOREVER to place a child in our home? What if .... your not cut out for this?  As all the doubt about the adoption began to plague my mind I suddenly began to hear all the voices of the people that have criticized us for having more that 2.5 children and yet adding another worry had now turned to sin.