Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Traditions

I have always loved fancy place settings and china...yes, I know, expensive taste. There is just something about a pretty place setting that makes me want to put on a dress with a petticoat, of course, pretty white gloves and use my fanciest accent. ;) When I got married I was blessed with Christmas china my grandmother would give me each year until I had enough for my family and some guests. Well, these beautiful plates have always been stored on the highest shelf to keep my little ones AWAY from them. 

Now that my children are a little older I decided to dust off those plates, put on a fancy puffy dress (not really) and set my table with something very special from someone very dear to me. So, we have officially started a new family tradition...we will use these plates each night in December with all the fancy trimmings. ;)

This may sound silly to some, but to me it's not really about how pretty the plates are or how fancy the table looks, it's about creating memories with my family. In reality, it could be paper plates or a picnic in the living room, or a special night of Christmas movies and hot chocolate....its not about what you do but it's about taking the time to do something special for your family. :)

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