Saturday, February 11, 2012

He Is The Same....

This has been a very interesting week for our family.Each day we wait for a phone call or a blog post or a Facebook update that assures us that my husband and the rest of the team in India are okay. There a nights that we are asked by my husband to gather around and pray for their safety. There are also moments of rejoicing as we read his blog posts or hear stories of the leper that comes to them asking for prayer and is moved by the touch of their hand. So many thoughts and affections toward God flood my heart as I reflect on this week...

  •  I am blessed to be the daughter of the King
  •  I have a mission field right under my feet everyday (my children)
  • that God is mighty and able to save even a wretch like me
  • and that He is the same in the villiages in India as He is in the houses in Texas

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