Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Will Ever Love and Trust Him

When God calls you to surrender it all to Him you never know what He has in store for you. The following week God completely shook things up in the Rogers' home. Our week started out like usual, school at 9 am lunch at noon, little ones napped while the big kids had reading time. I specifically remember something in particular that week that I had noticed before but simply fluffed it off. My youngest son Micah usually liked to sit in the floor and rock, nothing unusual for him, but that week he didn't want to stop. Nothing I did would distract him. But in the hustle and bustle of the day I tucked it away .

Well to make a long story short I began to feel concern over this and a few other things concerning Micah. After several phone calls and an hour long consultation with a DAN (Defeat Autism Now) doctor, my fears had become a reality as she diagnosed him with high-functioning autism.

I remember asking the Lord "Why?"...I remember asking "How?" (as in how did this happen) but what I had failed to ask the Lord was "What?" What was the Lord trying to teach me.....

Then Sunday rolls around and where do I find myself.. the alter, of course, pleading with the Almighty to take it away from him. I would love to tell you that as I stood up and looked over at Micah he was healed...but I would be lying.What God did, and is still doing, is so much greater.  Now, don't get me wrong, I would LOVE for Micah to not have these issues but, more than anything, I want God to be glorified.

As I left church that day I realized that God was doing a great work in my life and in the life of my family. He was putting "a thorn in our flesh", so to speak, in order that we might grow in our walk with the Savior. Oh... but that is not all:
  • He showed me that he is in control of EVERYTHING!
  • That His grace is sufficient
  • That His power is made strong in my weakness
  • and that Micah and the rest of my beautiful children truly are "fearfully and wonderfully made" crafted and molded specifically how he planned and purposed each one of them to be
  • and that each smile, each giggle, each tear, each spill and each boo-boo kissed are a gift that God gives me and that each of them are a JEWEL in my crown
  • And that I am truly Crowned With Joy
Well as the weeks have passed and as we have learned that Micah has allergies to gluten,casein and soy and treatment for his autism has begun we have seen the amazing power of God even more...... our doctor believes that over the next couple of years that Micah will overcome autism and simply be a "little man" that simply can't eat ANYTHING....Just kidding!  But he will have to live on a very restricted diet! Isn't our God good?

I'll leave you with matter what your going through our God is greater, no matter how alone you may feel our God is a strong tower, no matter how depressed you may feel in our God there is found joy and no matter how defeated you may feel you need to know that you can "Ever Love and Trust Him"!

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  1. LouAnn, I just found your blog from the link you posted on Facebook. I am so glad that you took up blogging and can't wait to read more. I know the diagnosis of autism has to be one of the most difficult things you have faced in your children so far, but I also know the kind of mom that you are and I know that God will use this in your family for good and will use you in Micah's life to give him a hope and a ministry. Love you and miss you guys!