Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Surrender All

All to Jesus I surrender.... How many Sundays have we sung that familiar hymn at the close of service... wanting more to hurry home to lunch than to truly surrender all. Being a preacher's wife I have heard this played more times than I can remember and yet Sunday after Sunday the alter is empty. But this particular Sunday was different.

My husband was preaching on the Sovereignty of God and how we think we are in control but in reality the Lord is in control.  Toward the end of the service he asked the our faith family to examine our hearts and to surrender it ALL to the Sovereign Savior .... and as I searched my heart I realized that there was something in my life that I wanted complete control over and I just knew that God was asking me to surrender it to Him. I can just picture myself, internally, looking to God like one of my children when they are being pulled away from their movie to do schoolwork, they are more comfortable in a place where nothing is required of them...well that was me. God was pulling me to the altar and I wanted to stay "comfortable" just like one of my children in front of Bob and Larry.  But as the Spirit drew me I went to the altar and laid it all down at the feet of my Savior.

However, I soon realized I had an area in my life I was not willing to give over to the Lord  and I knew that this was a hindrance to my walk with the Lord. That day I Surrendered All... yes all four of my precious children to the Savior. The results of that were both joyous and challenging!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post as we learn about all the Lord has done since. But before I leave you...I want to encourage you to ask the Lord to reveal to you the areas in your life you haven't given to Him, so that you might say "I Surrender All".  You will be so glad that you did!!

Crowned With Joy!


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